Maurice Greenland

Hi! I’m Maurice.

My journey from ‘desk jockey’ to entrepreneur has been a rollercoaster ride! But hey, it’s taught me so much. Now, I’m about helping others avoid the same pitfalls that tripped me up.

As a full-time creator, I aim to provide honest and unbiased software reviews, marketing tips, and guides to help you decide how to drive your business forward. Let’s rock this startup game together! 🚀✨

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About Me

Maurice Greenland, Full-Time Blogger and Digital Entrepreneur

As a full-time blogger and digital entrepreneur, I get the struggles of starting and running an online business. Trust me, I’ve been there! After years of trying different side hustles, I’ve learned from my failures and turned them into superpowers to launch my successful online business. 😊

If you’re looking for honest marketing tips and software reviews to boost your online business, you’ve come to the right place!

My Story

Back Then – The IT Guy

Before fully diving into entrepreneurship, I went through a rollercoaster journey filled with struggles and failures. As an IT consultant, the stagnant income always left me craving for something more. Deep down, I knew I could do much more with my talents. I tried out various side hustles, like affiliate marketing and e-commerce, but unfortunately, I had more failures than successes. These setbacks made me feel like a failure. Throughout this process, self-doubt and the fear of missing out (FOMO) always seemed to be by my side, like constant companions.

From FOMO to Mentor

But hey, I didn’t give up! I tried all sorts of new things, chasing after the next big thing and splurging on courses, seminars, and challenges. I must’ve dropped over $30K on those, but let me tell you, most of them were just a total waste of time and money. It hit me then that the real issue wasn’t the lack of information but rather the lack of actually putting it into action and staying focused.

That’s when I realized the importance of having one mentor and sticking with their advice from beginning to end. I found someone I could relate to, invested in myself, and did everything they told me to. It wasn’t a walk in the park, but it was definitely less frustrating than trying to follow multiple ‘gurus’ simultaneously.

Losing Everything

Then, COVID-19 happened. I got ill, lost all my income, and my IT consulting gigs were canceled. I had to find a way to earn money. That’s when I decided to go all-in on my online business. I took my failures and used them as my superpower to launch my own successful online business.

Today – Freedom!

Now, I’m a full-time blogger and digital entrepreneur living in beautiful Portugal, enjoying the time and financial freedom I always wanted. My main goal now is to help other entrepreneurs not make the same mistakes I did.

I share honest software reviews and marketing tips to help them grow their online businesses and reach their goals faster.

In conclusion, my journey from failure to success was not easy, but it was definitely worth it. If you’re feeling discouraged in your business or entrepreneurial journey, remember that failure is not final, and it can only make you stronger. Keep trying, focus on what works, and never give up on your dream!

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