The Best AI Search Engines for Better Search Results [2024]

The way we search for information online hasn’t changed much in decades. But it’s about to, and you must be ready. Artificial intelligence (AI) is shaking things up, transforming how we search and delivering more accurate, personalized results faster than you can type “What is XYZ?”.

So, which AI search engine should you go for? In this post, we will reveal the best AI search engine you can use today. Ready to dive in? Let’s get started 馃檶

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[DALL-E] 鈥 AI Has Changed How We Search

Overview of AI Search Engines

Ready to ditch your traditional search engine for an AI search tool? You’re in luck. 馃崁 There are a whole host of new options for you.

Whether you’re into content generation, prefer a chat-based search engine, or prioritize privacy, there’s an AI search engine just for you. Here’s a sneak peek at the best of the best AI search engines;

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What Are AI Search Engines?

An AI search engine, or an AI-powered search engine, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to understand your questions far beyond what traditional search engines can do.

You see when you type something into a regular search engine, it simply looks for websites that contain the words you typed. However, an AI search engine uses natural language processing to understand the meaning of your words and what you’re asking.

But that’s not all. AI search engines also use machine learning techniques to improve over time. They learn from your past searches and use this information to generate more relevant search results in the future. The more you use it, the better you understand what you want.

It’s like having a personal assistant who knows exactly what you need when you need it, making your online searches faster, easier, and more efficient.

The Best AI Search Engines

These are the AI search engines you can try right now and get hyper-personalized search results using the latest AI technology.

Komo Search Highlights

  • Price: $8 per month
  • Free: Yes
  • User Experience: 4.5
  • Features: 4.0

Product Pros

  • Generative AI search

  • Tailored search results

  • No ads

Product Cons

  • It can be complex for new users

  • No integrations at present

AI search and explore with Komo Search
AI search and explore with Komo Search

Are you looking for a fast and enjoyable search experience? Komo Search is the way to go. With natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML), it delivers personalized results that stand out from other AI-powered search engines.

Komo Search is one of the top AI search engines because of its interactive experience, allowing you to explore deeper into the results. It may take a moment to get used to, but it’s a game-changer once you do.

2. Highlights

  • $9.99 per month
  • Free: Yes
  • User Experience: 4.0
  • Features: 4.5 Pros

  • Customizable
  • Slick user interface
  • Privacy-focused search engine
  • Ad-free search Cons

  • Requires specific browsers
Personalized Ai search assistant -
Personalized AI search assistant –

Search doesn’t have to be boring; modern search engines know this. is not just a search engine. It is also a platform for creating and sharing AI-powered chat, images, and more. This AI-powered search engine offers:

  • Chat based search

  • A user-friendly interface

  • Open-source code tools for developers

  • Realistic AI image creation

  • AI content generation in the browser (social media, articles, etc.)

Just FYI, might not work with your browser choice, which could be a small setback.

3. Waldo

Waldo Highlights

  • Price: $149 per month
  • Free: No
  • User Experience: 4.0

  • Features: 4.5

Product Pros

Product Cons

  • Paid tool

Become an AI expert instantly - Waldo
Become an AI expert instantly – Waldo

Looking for accurate and reliable research for your pitch decks, papers, or projects? Waldo can speed up your research so you never miss a deadline again. Tell this AI-driven search engine what you want, and it will create a research plan and gather sources and data in a Google document. Fast, efficient, and AI-driven 馃

  • Advanced AI research assistance

  • Cited sources

  • Real-time collaboration

  • Advanced filters for a personalized search experience

4. Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI Highlights

  • Price: From $20 per month (Pro)
  • Free: Yes
  • User Experience: 4.5
  • Features: 4.5

Product Pros

  • Can find answers that traditional search engines over-look

  • Figures out complex queries

  • Beautiful user interface
  • Sites results sources

Product Cons

  • Not good at creative reasoning
Unlock the power of AI with Perplexity AI
Unlock the power of AI with Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI is awesome at answering hyper-specific search queries, so you don’t get generic results like other search engines. It’s great at understanding complex questions and giving accurate niche-specific answers. And the best part? Perplexity even tells you where it found the info to answer the search queries. How clever and useful! 馃ぉ

5. Andi Search

Andi Highlights

  • Price: $0.00
  • Free: Yes
  • User Experience: 4.5
  • Features: 3.5

Product Pros

  • Explained generative-ai results
  • Works with Chrome, Firefox and Safari

  • Simple user interface

Product Cons

  • It does not work with Opera or Edge
  • No integrations
Next gen Ai Search Engine - Andi
Next gen Ai Search Engine – Andi

Andi is one of the top AI search engines and chatbots around. It’s accurate, ad-free, and focused on privacy. With a search engine powered by generative AI and live/historical data, Andi goes beyond just links. Think of it as chatting with a super smart friend trained in Large Language Models (LLMs).

6. Yep

Yep Highlights

  • Price: $0.00
  • Free: Yes
  • User Experience: 4.5
  • Features: 3.0

Product Pros

  • Supports content creators

  • 90/10 revenue sharing scheme

  • Minimalistic SERP design

  • It can be set as your default browser

Product Cons

  • It is not as sophisticated as other AI search engines

Revenue-sharing AI Search Engine - Yep
Revenue-sharing AI Search Engine – Yep

Yep is an artificial intelligence search engine that supports content creators with a 90/10 revenue share. This means 90% of ad revenue goes directly to creators, like YouTube Ad revenue, but for search results. Yep’s minimalistic SERP design ensures a clutter-free search experience, a nice change from other search engines. Ahrefs, the SEO tool powerhouse, made it, so it comes from a good pedigree 馃檶

7. Microsoft Bing

Bing Highlights

  • Price: $0.00
  • Free: Yes
  • User Experience: 4.5
  • Features: 4.5

Product Pros

  • Easy to use

  • Familiar user interface if you’ve used ChatGPT

  • Multiple search capabilities (voice search, visual search, chat search)

  • Improve and refine search answers

Product Cons

  • Not as popular as some traditional search engines

  • Ads in search results

Chat and search AI powered Copilot - Bing
Chat and search AI-powered Copilot – Bing

Bing AI search could become your favorite AI-powered copilot search engine 馃殫馃攳. With voice search, free image creation, and chat search, it’s got all the AI features you need. Powered by the latest OpenAI GPT models for free and relevant AI search results. With Bing, you can:

  • Ask complex questions

  • Search on mobile devices

  • AI image generation

  • Get citations

Microsoft’s Bing features are so good that Bing can’t be ignored as one of the best AI search engines today, and it’s free to use. 馃く

8. Neeva

Neeva Highlights

  • Price: N/A
  • Free Trial: N/A
  • User Experience: N/A
  • Features: N/A

Product Pros

  • Prioritizes user privacy

  • Clean and user-friendly interface

  • No Ads

Product Cons

  • Bought out by Snowflake

If you’re concerned about how your data is used online, you need a search engine that takes privacy seriously. NeevaAI is an AI-powered search engine that prioritizes you and your privacy鈥攏o compromises on user data and a pleasant, ad-free search experience 鈥 that’s what NeevaAI offers. Its clean interface makes online searches a breeze, free from distractions. And it’s not just looks; NeevaAI uses advanced AI to personalize search results.


Snowflake has acquired Neeva and will incorporate its technology into its data cloud products.

*If this product becomes publically available again I will let you know and update this article.

9. Google Bard Search

Bard Highlights

  • Price: $0.00
  • Free: Yes
  • User Experience: 4.5
  • Features: 4.5

Product Pros

  • Intelligent search results

  • User-friendly interface

  • Powered by modern AI model (PaLM2)

  • Human-like conversational responses

  • Part of the Google ecosystem

Product Cons

  • Displays ads in search results

  • Copyright concerns

Google's collaborative AI Search engine tool - Bard
Google’s collaborative AI Search engine tool – Bard

Meet Google Bard, one of the best AI search tools. This chat-based large language model AI tool from Google can quickly pull up accurate search results from various data sources. Bard is Google’s way of saying, “Hey, we see you OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Bing Chat, and we raise you one.”

It’s also multilingual, speaking over 40 languages. So, most likely, it’s already fluent in your language.

As you would expect, Bard seamlessly connects with other Google services. So, if you’re already a fan of Google products, it makes sense to pick this over other AI-based search engines.

10. Aria by Opera

Aria Highlights

  • Price: $0.00
  • Free: Yes
  • User Experience: 4.0
  • Features: 4.5

Product Pros

  • Free to use

  • Includes data post-2021

  • Integrates with lots of services

  • Generate intelligent search results

Product Cons

  • You need an Opera account

  • Must download Opera’s regular search engine

Opera browser - Aria AI Search Tool
Opera browser – Aria AI Search Tool

Opera has entered the AI-powered search engines race with Aria, a visual search chatbot. This free AI chatbot can answer your questions and generate content using real-time internet data. And the best part? Aria seamlessly works with your favorite apps. Picture this: scrolling through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and TikTok in your browser window with Aria and other AI bots like ChatGPT and ChatSonic on standby. No need to switch tabs or grab your phone. Pretty cool, right?

What Features To Look For In AI Search Engines

If you’re in the market for an AI search engine, there are a few key features to look out for.

  • Accuracy: Ensure the AI search engine provides precise and relevant search results.

  • Speed: Quick delivery of search results is a must.

  • User-friendly Interface: The platform should be easy to navigate, whether you’re a tech-savvy user or a beginner.

  • Privacy: A good AI search engine respects privacy and ensures secure searches.

  • Additional Features: Watch for extra features like chat-search or voice-search that can enhance your search experience.

Ultimately, the right AI search engine for you is the one that checks all these boxes and meets your unique needs.

AI vs. Traditional Search Engines: What’s the Difference?

Traditional search engines fetch results based on keywords, understanding only direct words without context. On the other hand, AI-powered search comprehends words, intent, and context using machine learning models and natural language processing.

They learn from past interactions to provide personalized and accurate results. Unlike conventional search, AI search engines can handle complex questions and follow-up queries, leading to an intuitive, personalized, conversational search experience.

Placeholder SB Light Landscape

I Tested Over 20 of The Best AI Search Engines鈥 My Honest Opinion

Hey 馃憢 I’m Maurice. I’ve tested a bunch of AI search engines; some surprised me, and others made me weep 馃槶. I found that the big brands (Google, Microsoft, Opera, etc) had the shortest learning curve, and many AI search engines were too complex to be useful. Happy searching! 馃


AI search engines have entirely transformed how we search the internet. They provide more accurate and relevant results, tailor experiences to our preferences, generate relevant search results, and offer many benefits over traditional search engines. Whether you’re a fan of generative AI or prefer simple text prompts, there’s an AI search engine out there just for you.

As we look ahead, the best AI search engines will continue to evolve and deliver even more precise and personalized results. In this blog post, we’ve highlighted some of the top AI search engines available, including Google Bard, Aria by Opera, and others that are free to use and packed with advanced features. If you’re searching for a better search experience, dive right in and discover why AI is the future of search.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the top questions about AI search engines.

Several AI search engines like Google Bard, Aria by Opera, Komo Search, and exist. They offer more precise and personalized search results than traditional engines.

Yes, it is. Google’s search engine uses AI to refine search results. To enable it, there’s no extra step required. Type your query into the Google search bar, and AI will be at work. If you want to use Google Bard, Google’s chat-based AI search engine, then go to

AI search engines use machine learning and natural language processing technologies to understand your search queries. They analyze the intent behind your question, not just the keywords, and use machine and deep learning to provide the most relevant results. So, the more you use it, the smarter it gets.

AI search engines are like your intelligent, personal online assistant. They understand natural language, learn from your searches, and offer extra features like voice and image search. They efficiently handle complex user queries and offer a more personalized and efficient search experience.

When choosing an AI search engine, consider its accuracy, speed, user-friendliness, respect for your privacy, and any additional features like voice or chat search. The best choice will meet your specific needs.

Google search uses keywords to find results, while AI understands the context and intent of your search, providing more personalized and accurate results.

Natural Language Processing, or NLP, is a branch of artificial intelligence that helps computers understand and interpret human language. It’s the magic that allows your smartphone’s voice assistant to understand your commands or your email’s spam filter to recognize junk mail. In short, NLP makes our interactions with machines feel more human and intuitive.

Google Bard is considered the best AI tool for searching. It offers intelligent search results and a user-friendly interface and is powered by a modern AI model, PaLM2. Its ability to provide human-like conversational responses and being part of the Google ecosystem makes it a top choice for many users. However, the “best” AI tool can vary depending on individual needs and preferences.

Yes, Google does have an AI search engine. Bard is a chat-based AI search engine that uses advanced machine learning models to understand and answer complex queries in a conversational manner. It’s part of the Google ecosystem and is multilingual, capable of speaking over 40 languages.

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