Discover How to Make AI Writing Undetectable: 5 Quick Ways

AI writing software has sped up the content creation process, but the problem is it doesn’t always sound human and can be picked out by AI checkers. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to make AI writing undetectable so you can bypass AI detectors and why it matters.

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Making your AI content bypass AI content detectors

From AI-generated text to mind-blowing images, clever robots are everywhere πŸ€–. But as AI’s popularity soars, how can you ensure your content sounds human-like and can’t be spotted by AI detectors?

AI content detection tools are getting smarter every day, and they’re not messing around, so there is no time to waste. Let’s test these methods to avoid AI detection and protect your content.

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Our Experiment Results

After testing each method, here are the results. Remember, the lower the Average AI Detection Score (%), the better the tool was at avoiding detection by AI detectors.

The lower the AI Detection % the better!
MethodScore 1 (%)Score 2 (%)Av. AI Score (%)FreeWebsite
Undetectable AI7%2%4.5%YesVisit Site πŸ‘‰
StealthGPT5%0%2.5%YesVisit Site πŸ‘‰
Quillbot Paraphraser98%84%91%YesVisit Site πŸ‘‰
HideMyAI0%0%0%YesVisit Site πŸ‘‰
CogniBypass1%100%50.5%YesVisit Site πŸ‘‰

Why Make AI Content Seem Human-Written?

So, you’re using AI to generate content. Cool, right? But (there’s always a BUT); you don’t want your content to sound robotic. It needs to sound like human-written content. Here’s why:

  • Google is Watching:Β Google’s not a fan of spammy content. If your content screams, ‘I’m AI-generated!‘, it could come across as spam, and you could get penalized in search rankings. 😱

  • Trust is Everything: You need your audience to trust you. If they suspect your content is robot-generated, they might not take you seriously or trust that you have fact-checked the article.

  • Engagement is Key: Content that feels like human writing is more engaging and likely to keep readers hooked. No one wants to read something that sounds like it’s been spit out by a machine.

Does Google penalize AI content?

Nope! Google cares more about content quality than how it’s written.

Source: Google Search Central

Our (Non-Scientific) Experiment

Can AI content writers bypass AI content detection tools - Our experiment diagram
Our Test

We conducted a series of tests for each method to decide which AI tools can bypass AI detection and produce human-like content.


  1. Wrote two paragraphs that are 100% AI-generated (Text A).

  2. Used an AI detector to confirm Text A’s AI Score (100% AI).

  3. Modified Text A using the tools we are testing.

  4. Re-tested the modified Text A to see if it would bypass AI detectors.

We have used several AI detectors, including Originality AI and GPTZero, top AI checker tools with excellent detection accuracy.

We used ChatGPT 3.5 to write Text A. Here is the output:

Text A

How To Bypass AI Content Detection

Methods to bypass AI content detection in your AI generated content
Methods to bypass AI detection

The good news is you can disguise your AI-generated output so it goes unnoticed by AI content detectors, and it’s worth the effort when you consider what could go wrong if you don’t.

AI bypass tools use machine learning and natural language processing to reverse-engineer the tests that AI detectors use and then rephrase your text to mimic human-like writing patterns.

Don’t want to use another AI writing tool? Thats ok! You also have manual tactics you can use while editing your content that will make it seem less robotic and bypass AI detectors.


Don’t obsess about getting a perfect 0% AI score. Aim for under 10% and then move on to the next thing. Use the Pareto principle (20% of effort for 80% of results).

1. Undetectable AI

AI bypass tool - Undetectable AI

Undetectable AI leaves AI content detectors scratching their little tin heads πŸ€–, letting you refine your content to sound just like a human wrote it.

It’s straightforward to use. Paste the text you want to analyze in the text box, accept the T&Cs, and click ‘Humanize.’

We then ran the modified text through the AI detection tools to see if there was any improvement; here are the results;

AI Bypass Test - Undetectable AI

Boom, there you have it. Undetectable AI does dramatically improve AI written content. Text A went from 100% AI content to only 7% and 2% AI content on Originality AI and Writesonic, respectively.

2. StealthGPT

AI anti-detection - StealthGPT

Next up is StealthGPT. This tool boasts that it’s the only one that can sneak past Turnitin AI detection algorithms. It turns your machine-generated text into unique, human-like content, so you don’t have to worry about plagiarism or AI detectors.

StealthGPT uses clever reverse engineering and machine-learning algorithms to dodge most AI detectors. Ready to see how it performed in our test? Here are the results:

AI anti-detection - StealthGPT

As you can see, StealthGPT did a great job rewriting engaging content with excellent AI detection scores. It could completely evade GPTZero and only had an AI detection score of 5% on Originality AI.

3. Quillbot Paraphraser

rewritten AI text - Quillbot

Another way to write undetectable AI content at scale is with Quillbot Paraphraser, an AI tool for rewording text. Imagine having a massive thesaurus to integrate with your tools like Docs and Chrome.

But we want to know: can it paraphrase sentences that sound human-like and, more importantly, bypass AI detectors? Here is how it performed in our experiment;

*The free version of Quillbot only accepts 125 words– Upgrade if you need to paraphrase longer articles.

rewritten AI text - Quillbot

Originality AI and GPTZero had no problem detecting that our text was AI-generated. Even after Quillbot did its thing and rephrased the content, our content detectors picked out that it was not human-written content.

4. HideMyAI

Rewrite Ai Text - HideMyAI

The next tool you can use to write undetectable AI articles is HideMyAI. It has a simple copy & paste interface and can check English, Spanish, Russian, and French content.

It gets your content, rewrites it in a way that sounds like human-written text, and removes any added AI watermarks. You will be impressed at how well it rewrites text to make it undetectable AI content.

Look at how well it performed in our test;

Rewrite Ai Text - HideMyAI

The rewritten text was undetectable as AI text by Originality AI and GPTZero, proving that this is one of the best AI tools for rewording AI written text to sound more human-like.

5. CogniBypass

Bypass AI content detectors - Cognibypass

CogniBypass is another AI paraphrasing tool to make your AI text glide undetected past AI detection tools. It has its own Chatbot, a plagiarism checker, and an AI detection tool.

Using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms, it creates AI content that’s so authentic that you’d swear a human wrote it.

You can use CogniBypass for free, but the free plan only lets you rewrite 100 words simultaneously. Let’s see how it performed when we put it to the test.

Bypass AI content detectors - Cognibypass

This one had mixed results. On the one hand, CogniBypass went almost undetected by Originality AI, but when checked using Winston AI, it completely failed. Winston AI could predict that the text was 100% AI-generated.

What Is The Best Way To Make AI Content Undetectable?

There is no one best way to make your AI content undetectable. Each tool we tested had varying degrees of success, and the only AI tool to completely evade AI detection was HideMyAI.

Note: This was not an in-depth experiment, so don’t take it as gospel. It just aimed to give a quick demonstration and comparison of how you can use these tools to improve your AI detection scores.

Using a combination of these tools and implementing manual tactics like breaking up paragraphs and sentences, using transition words, and avoiding jargon can significantly decrease AI content detection scores. So, if you’re serious about creating undetectable AI content, try out these tools and tactics.


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Other Methods For Making AI Content Undetectable

While AI tools are excellent for speedy content creation, your aim is to connect with your readers on a human level. That’s why you need to sprinkle some human touch into AI content.

Add your insights, maintain a consistent tone, and make sure your facts are spot on. Keep these human writing tips in mind before you publish any AI-generated content.

  1. No keyword stuffing: Stuffing your content with the same keyword again and again? Bad move. That’s a dead giveaway to AI detectors and a terrible SEO practice. So, mix up your vocabulary, use synonyms, and keep it natural.

  2. Check your facts: Ensure your AI-written content isn’t dishing out ‘fake news.’ Fact-check every claim because AI is notoriously creative and always makes up stuff. 🧐

  3. Share personal experiences: Include your personal experiences or opinions in your article. Your AI content will feel more human, rank better, and connect with your readers.

  4. Keep sentences short: Break up your long sentences. This makes your content easier to digest and gives it a more human-like writing flow.

  5. Match the tone with your audience: Make sure the tone of your content matches our natural writing style and what your audience expects your content to sound like. This builds a more genuine connection and lessens the feel of machine-generated content. 🎯

The goal is to write great content your target audience likes; introduce these tips into your editing workflow, and you’ll cook up AI-generated content that resonates with your audience and ranks well on search engines. 😊

Wrapping It Up

So, now you know how to make AI writing undetectable. Tools like Undetectable AI, StealthGPT, and HideMyAI can help you fool those pesky AI detectors.

But don’t forget, there are manual editing tricks you can use to avoid detection, too, such as breaking up long sentences, using transition words, and avoiding repeating the same words over and over.

The result? You will create undetectable AI content that also resonates with your readers. It’s time to harness the power of AI content writers, but in a way that keeps it under the AI radar. Your readers (and search engine rankings) will thank you for the engaging, relatable content.

And for goodness sake, please don’t spend all your time trying to get a perfect AI Score– after all, Google (and your readers) care more about the quality of the content than whether a human or a bot wrote it.

Happy writing, and follow this conversation on our Twitter (X) feed.


Get answers to a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

Using paraphrasing tools like Undetectable AI, StealthGPT, and HideMyAI, to make AI text undetectable. Manual editing techniques such as breaking up long sentences and using transition words can also help create a more human-like text.

To remove AI detection from writing, use AI paraphrasing tools like Undetectable AI, StealthGPT, and HideMyAI. Also, implement manual editing techniques, including breaking up long sentences and using transition words. Including personal insights and ensuring fact accuracy can further make your AI content undetectable.

Making AI content undetectable is crucial for maintaining audience trust and engagement. It also helps avoid penalties from search engines that may view AI-generated content as low-quality. Thus, it allows you to enjoy the benefits of AI content generation while keeping a human-like quality in your writing style.

From our tests, Undetectable AI, StealthGPT, and HideMyAI proved most effective in making AI content undetectable. However, their effectiveness may vary, so combining these tools with manual editing is advised.

Use AI paraphrasing tools like Undetectable AI, StealthGPT, and HideM to avoid AI writing detection. Also, employ manual editing techniques and ensure fact accuracy.

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