In this GetLasso review (also called Lasso), I will give my honest opinion on this WordPress link management plugin.

I will review every Lasso feature and share my experience using this affiliate plugin for more than two years. I will even give you some Lasso alternatives to check out.

What is GetLasso?

Lasso is a WordPress plugin for affiliate link management, helping affiliate marketers increase their affiliate income.

It ensures your affiliate links aren’t broken and helps you find new affiliate opportunities in your existing content.

My favorite feature is Lasso’s beautiful display boxes and comparison tables.

They are eye-catching and convert customers daily. πŸ™Œ

GetLasso Pricing.

How much does Lasso cost?

The good news first is that you can try Lasso 100% risk-free with their 14-day money-back guarantee (annual plans only).

The not-so-good news now is that Lasso is a premium plugin, so there is no free plan (or free trial).

The plugin has three price plans:

  • Essential Plan – $39/mo or $289/yr
  • Advanced Plan – $99/mo or $756/yr
  • Enterprise Plan – Custom pricing

The Essential plan offers most of the features of larger plans but with a single-site license.

If you have 3-5 websites, you’ll want the Advanced plan. It is the right plan choice if you have a growing site with over $10K income per month and up to 1 million page views.

If your site gets more than 1 million page views or you’re raking in over $10k/m (congrats πŸ™Œ), you’ll need to get custom pricing for the Enterprise plan.

Despite not having a free plan or trial, I think the subscription costs are very reasonable for a platform with this many features.

Next, in this Lasso review, let me explain how you get started using Lasso’s best feature–display boxes πŸ™Œ

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Getting Started With GetLasso.

Once you’ve signed up for a Lasso price plan, download the zip file to your computer.

  • Go to the WordPress plugins tab
  • Click ‘Add New’
  • Upload the Lasso zip file
  • Activate the plugin

After activating Lasso, a new menu with a cactus icon will pop up on the left side of your WordPress dashboard.

Click on Lasso > Dashboard, and you’ll be on the Lasso starting page.

What about if you already use another platform to manage your affiliate links? Not a problem!

I was using Thirsty Affiliates (an affiliate link management tool), and Lasso made it easy to import all my existing affiliate links to my new Lasso account.

Now, let’s see how you use Lasso to automate affiliate marketing link management.

Your First GetLasso Display Box.

As I said earlier, this is my favorite Lasso feature. Display boxes crush at conversions πŸš€

Lasso makes it super easy for affiliate marketers to quickly add beautiful displays to websites in just a few clicks.

These display boxes look pixel-perfect on every screen size and will help you increase your affiliate conversions.

So, here is how easy it is:

  1. Click ‘Add New Link’ and enter your affiliate product link.

2. Customize the Display box. Add an image, a description, and product features.

How to add Amazon products to Displays. You can add Amazon affiliate products to Display Boxes.
New Display Settings

Lasso automatically pulls in product information and images from Amazon affiliate links.

3. Copy the generated shortcode and paste it into your blog article.

[lasso rel="surferseo" id="14142"]

It is that simple. In minutes, you will have mobile-friendly product displays.

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GetLasso Key Features.

1. Product Displays

This killer feature separates Lasso from other affiliate link management tools.

Enter your affiliate program information, and Lasso will handle the rest. Quickly creating beautiful and professional displays that will help you earn a commission.

2. Comparison Tables

[lasso type=”table” id=”17″ link_id=”26267″]

A beautifully designed comparison table grabs your website visitors’ attention.

I made this one in under 2 minutes – easy, code-free, and with just a few clicks.

I use comparison tables in my listicle articles to make it easy for readers to click through to the product that interests them — my affiliate links πŸ€‘

3. Dashboard

Before Lasso, I spent hours updating a spreadsheet with the different affiliate programs I represent every week. It was a nightmare.

Lasso’s dashboard is easy to use and shows me all affiliate program links in one place.

I can also quickly see and fix broken links, saving time and increasing my sales.

4. Click Tracking

Link Tracking - find all your underperforming links.
Which Affiliate Links Make You Money?

Affiliate marketers need to track the most clicked affiliate programs because clicks equal commissions and beach holidays! πŸ–οΈ

Lasso’s Click Tracking feature connects with Google Analytics to reveal which links perform best, helping you focus on profitable ones. Cha-ching! πŸ’°

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5. Opportunities

Lasso also scans your content for new affiliate link opportunities. Chances are you are already linking to products with affiliate programs without even realizing it.

It has three tools to help you find more ways to earn income from the content you already have.

  • Programs
  • Keywords
  • Content

You can access these features from your Dashboard; just click the Opportunities tab.

In the Keywords tab, enter any word you would like to monetize, such as a product name.

Lasso will then scan all your content and tell you where you can add links to that keyword.

Simply toggle the ‘Monitize‘ button on, and just like that, it adds your affiliate link.

In my example, it found 113 new opportunities to monetize links — I might be missing out on affiliate revenue. 😳

Content opportunities are posts that might not have enough links to make you money.

I sort this list by the ones with the fewest links and then review those posts, adding my affiliate links where it makes sense.

6. Amazon Integration

Calling all Amazon Associates, this one is especially for you.

Now, it’s dead simple to advertise Amazon items in your blog posts.

  • Easily include Amazon product data in your posts and pages.
  • No more copying and pasting from different sources.
  • Quickly promote Amazon items and increase your affiliate income potential.

Full disclosure: I’m not an Amazon Associate, so I have not tested this feature myself.

7. Link Health

Broken affiliate URLs can cost you money.

From the Dashboard, I can see that I have one broken affiliate link. I checked it, and it did give a 404 error.

66.5% of website links are broken (dead)…

Source: Patrick Stox (Ahrefs Study on Link Rot)

Link Health ensures your links are always working and you don’t miss out on any potential income. That’s a win-win for anyone who relies on affiliate income.

Lasso makes it easy to create links that you can share with others. Flip the toggle to cloak your URLs and give them a custom name.

  • Easy to cloak your affiliate links and keep track of your sales data.
  • Protect your commissions and keep track of your sales data.
  • Monitor your links automatically for uninterrupted service.
  • Flexible like cloaking to stay compliant with programs like Amazon Associates.

Lasso makes it easy to cloak your affiliate URLs and comply with specific affiliate program rules.

GetLasso Pros & Cons.

A GetLasso review is incomplete without a Pros & Cons list. So here are my top best and worst things about this platform.

Lasso Pros

  • Works with WordPress
  • Beginner friendly
  • Use Google Analytics
  • Amazon Associates
  • Beautiful displays
  • 1000s of affiliate products

Lasso Cons

  • CSS for advanced styling
  • No free plan

GetLasso Benefits.

There are many benefits to using Lasso. Here are some benefits I’ve found while using it in my blogging business.

  • Make more affiliate income and conversions.
  • Save time– Add a link once and manage it forever.
  • Track clicks with Google Analytics.
  • Find your unmonetized links– earn more income.
  • Convert any link or keyword into an affiliate link.
  • Earn more with your existing content.
  • Amazon product information right out of the box.

GetLasso Plugin Alternatives.

Lasso is a great WordPress affiliate management plugin. I recommend it as an ‘essential’ tool for affiliate marketers.

But there are others you can try too. Link Whisper, Thirsty Affiliates, and Pretty Links are Lasso alternatives that do a good job, too. πŸ‘‡

  • Link Whisper: Single Site License – $97 per year.
  • Thirsty Affiliates: Basic Pro license is $99.60 per year.
  • Pretty Links: The Beginner Plan is $99.60 per year.

GetLasso Support.

Lasso has good, responsive customer support, and the platform is regularly updated with new features and bug fixes.

  • Live customer support
  • Gutenberg support
  • Regular plugin updates
  • Lasso Support landing page

Unsurprisingly, Lasso gets a great score on Trust Pilot:

GetLasso has a very good score on Trustpilot.

I have had to contact Lasso customer support for help several times. I’ve been impressed with their service. They respond quickly, are knowledgeable, and go the extra mile to resolve any problems.


There are two customer support levels. Standard (36 hours) and Priority (12 hours).

My Take On GetLasso.

Losing affiliate income because of broken links sucks! But with this affiliate link plugging, I no longer have that worry.

Best ForTracking Links
Price$289 yearly
Discount*39% Off
Top FeatureProduct Display Boxes
*discount applies to annual pricing

Do I recommend Lasso for affiliate marketing? Yes, absolutely!

In fact, I can't imagine running a website with affiliate marketing as an income source without it.

GetLasso Review Wrap-Up.

Is Lasso the best affiliate link management plugin for WordPress?

Yes, if you're looking for an easy way to manage your affiliate links in WordPress.

It's easy to use and regularly updated with new features and bug fixes. It's not the cheapest plugin in this software niche, but in my opinion, it is the best affiliate link management tool.

I hope I have answered all your questions in the GetLasso review. If there is anything you feel I didn't cover, you want to ask me. question, you can reach me on my Twitter (X) feed.

Lasso is one of the best affiliate marketing plugins in my toolkit. I can't imagine what I would do without it. If you have a WordPress blog, I suggest you check it out.

Thanks for reading my GetLasso Review, and all the best with your blogging business.

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GetLasso Review FAQ.

Frequently asked questions about the Lasso WordPress plugin.

What is Lasso affiliate?

Lasso is an easy affiliate link management plugin for WordPress. Lasso also offers an affiliate program so you can make money promoting the product.

Does Lasso work with Amazon Associates?

Yes, Lasso integrates with Amazon Associates - you can easily import product data into your posts and pages using the Lasso plugin.

Will Lasso slow down my site?

No, Lasso will not slow down your site. Lasso might speed up your website by caching affiliate data and eliminating the need to load external resources.

Do you need Amazon API credits for the Lasso plugin?

No, you do not need Amazon API credits for the Lasso plugin. However, Amazon Product Advertising API access is required to import product data into your posts and pages.

Is Lasso an affiliate marketing program?

Lasso is not an affiliate marketing program, but it does offer an affiliate program, so you can make money promoting Lasso.

What is the Lasso Dashboard?

The Lasso Dashboard is a central location where you can view all your affiliate links and create and manage new affiliate links.

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