10 Best Free Sales Funnel Builders in 2024

Starting a new business or side hustle is stressful, especially on a budget. So we’ve tested the best free sales funnel builders, and I’ll share the ones you can use for free or with a decent trial period; So you can give them a whirl before making a final decision.

Let’s get you the perfect free sales funnel tools that you can trial or use for free 🤑.

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Free Forever
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1. Clickfunnels

ClickFunnels helps you drive website traffic and convert visitors into paying customers.

The most popular all-in-one sales funnel tool is, without a doubt, Clickfunnels. With its easy editor, big library of sales funnel templates, and features like email automation and affiliate program management, Clickfunnels is the go-to choice for automating marketing processes.


  • Free 14-day trial
  • Basic ($147 monthly)
  • Pro ($197 monthly)
  • Funnel Hacker ($297 monthly)

With a two-week free trial, Clickfunnels is the best free sales funnel builder on the market. Paid plans aren’t cheap, but they are definitely worth the investment.

Key Features 

  • Visual zero-code editor

  • 1-click upsells and downsells

  • Email autoresponder (Follow-Up Funnels)
  • Course and membership sites

2. Groove

The ultimate sales funnel builder that's free for life, replacing all others. Streamline your sales process and maximize your potential.

The free-for-life sales funnel builder that replaces them all. Groove is a suite of over 12 marketing applications that combine to conquer any marketing automation need you might have. The free plan includes unlimited pages, domains, share funnels, templates, and more. 


  • FREE plan (Free of charge for life) 
  • Start-Up ($497 per year or $99 per month)
  • Premium ($299 per month)

Groove is a flexible marketing tool that is free and easy to use.

Key Features 

  • Fast funnel builder (GroovePages)

  • Build an affiliate network (GrooveAffiliate)
  • Social proof (GrooveProof)
  • E-commerce platform (GrooveKart)

3. Convertri

Create stunning, high-converting landing pages effortlessly with Convertri: the lightning-fast funnel-building software.

Convertri is a super fast funnel building tool that lets you easily create beautiful landing pages. It includes a drag-and-drop builder, plus A/B testing options and conversion tracking for split testing your funnels.


  • Free 14-day trial
  • Monthly ($99 monthly)
  • Annual ($900 yearly)

Try Convertri sales funnel software free of charge for 14 days.  It has excellent features, and the price plans are very reasonable.

Key Features 

  • Flexible page builder (Pages)

  • Embedded video play (Video)
  • Built-in checkout system (Shopping Cart)
  • Membership Site Builder

4. Kajabi

Save with a single subscription instead of juggling ten different ones. Discover how to achieve more for less with Kajabi free coaching tools.

Why pay ten different subscriptions when you could achieve more with just one? Kajabi has everything you need to start and grow your business. It is the perfect free sales funnel software for turning knowledge into income.


  • Free trial (14-days)
  • Basic ($149 each month)
  • Growth ($199 each month)
  • Pro ($399 each month)

Get the power of Kajabi AI– a free artificial intelligence tool to help you create, market, and sell your content at no extra cost. 

Key Features 

  • Pre-made digital product templates (Digital Products)

  • Landing Pages
  • Custom Tags
  • Mobile App

5. GetResponse

Build effective sales funnels effortlessly with GetResponse, the free platform offering advanced automation tools.

The free sales funnel builder with advanced automation tools. With GetResponse making sales funnels is easy and fun. It has everything from building email lists, SMS marketing, and Webinars to Landing page builders and eCommerce integrations. 


  • Free plan (free for life)
  • Free trial – all features (30-days)
  • Email Marketing ($19 per month)
  • Marketing Automation ($59 per month)
  • E-commerce Marketing ($119 per month)

Give this free sales funnel platform a go; there’s no risk with their free-for-life account.

Key Features 

  • Landing Page Builder

  • Pre-designed Conversion Funnels
  • Landing Pages
  • Social Ads Creator

6. DropFunnels

DropFunnels simplifies online marketing and sales for everyone. Create sales funnels for free for 14 days.

DropFunnels try to make life as easy as possible for anyone wanting to create marketing and sales online. Get unlimited sales funnels, membership sites, video storage, and a free funnel template library. 


  • Free Trial (14 days)
  • Starter – skip trial ($99 per month)
  • Starter – after trial ($129 per month)
  • Ultimate ($299 per month)

Enjoy a 14-day free trial of this sales funnel builder software. If you’re confident, skip the trial and secure the $99 monthly price point.

Key Features 

  • Unlimited funnels
  • Unlimited courses and membership sites

  • Unlimited landing pages

  • Unlimited blog posts

7. BuilderAll

Discover BuilderAll's powerful features for website creation, email marketing, bookings, and webinars.

The sales funnel tool, BuilderAll, is free (for 14 days) and will replace multiple subscriptions, saving you money. BuilderAll has features for making websites, email marketing, bookings, and webinars, and it’s one of the few that has dedicated WordPress sales funnel plans.


  • Free trial (14 days)
  • Starter ($37/ month)
  • Marketer ($77/ month)
  • Premium ($87/ month)
  • Funnel Club ($87/ month + $199 payment)

The Funnel Club offers premium features for a one-time fee, enhancing your BuilderAll experience. After 14 days, select any plan.

Key Features 

  • Manage bookings (Booking App)

  • Email Marketing
  • Funnel Builder
  • Give customers instant support (Chat Bot)

8. Systeme

Easy All-In-One Marketing Platform - Systeme

The free all-in-one sales funnel builder, Systeme, is an excellent choice for marketing teams of all sizes. With Systeme, you can create unlimited funnels and pages with their drag-and-drop editor. It also has email autoresponders, affiliate management, and blogging tools.


  • Free Forever (no credit card)
  • Startup ($27/ month)
  • Webinar ($47/ month)
  • Unlimited ($97/ month)

Systeme is a free sales funnel builder software that can do it all. The fact that it is free forever is great news for anyone wanting to make more sales and grow their business on a tight budget.

Key Features 

  • Sales Funnel templates

  • Email Marketing
  • Website Builder
  • Evergreen Webinars

9. Wishpond

Build your funnel for free with a user-friendly platform.

The free sales funnel builder with easy landing page creation and a host of marketing tools to take your business to new heights. What sets Wishpond apart is that you get a team of marketing experts to help you with things like email copy, sales letters, SEO, and all that other difficult ‘sales’ stuff.


  • Free (up to 200 leads)
  • Basic ($69 per month)
  • Pro ($119 per month)

Wishpond is a free sales funnel software for businesses serious about finding good leads and converting them to happy, paying customers. 

Key Features 

  • Web Page Pop Ups

  • Lead Tracking
  • Email Automation

  • Online Forms

10. Leadpages

Try Leadpages for free for 14 days with no obligation. Fall in love with this free funnel platform

Get your business online with an efficient sales funnel platform. Start collecting quality leads, selling your products/services, and making more money. Leadpages uses AI to help you quickly create engaging content that drives sales.


  • Free trial (14 days)
  • Standard ($49/m )
  • Pro ($99/m)

You can use Leadpages free of charge for 14 days, with no obligation. But I’m sure you’ll love it so much you won’t want to part ways. 

Key Features 

  • Drag-and-drop web page builder (Site Builder)
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Popup Builder
  • Alerts Bar

Top Free Sales Funnel Software

These are my top sales funnel builders that you can use for free and never need to pay for a subscription plan.

1st Pick
Top free sales funnel software - GetResponse

Create sales funnels effortlessly with GetResponse. Accelerate your marketing efforts with advanced automation tools, including email lists, SMS marketing, webinars, landing page builders, and seamless eCommerce integrations.

2nd Pick
Top free sales funnel software - Groove CM

Discover Groove, the ultimate sales funnel builder that revolutionizes your marketing automation. With a suite of 12+ powerful applications, Groove conquers all your marketing needs. Get started with the free plan that is yours for life!

3rd Pick
Top free sales funnel software

Systeme is the free all-in-one sales funnel builder perfect for marketing teams of any size. Featuring unlimited funnel and page creation, drag-and-drop editing, email autoresponders, affiliate management, and blogging tools.

The following funnel builders offer free trials so that you can test the product without any risk;

Why Sales Funnel Builders are Important

In today’s fast-paced marketing landscape, sales funnel builders are in every successful marketer’s toolkit.

Sales funnels can increase conversion rates by up to 300%

Source: OptinMonster

A sales funnel aims to attract potential customers (leads), guiding them through the sales process.

The goal? To boost conversions, turning more leads into sales. But don’t be fooled; it’s not as easy.

Years ago, making a simple lead magnet sales funnel required exceptional coding skills and money. It used to cost tens of thousands of dollars and took months to complete, meaning small companies couldn’t afford to use sales funnels.

Thankfully, that’s all changed since the rise of sales funnel builders. Now, anyone can afford to make their own funnels in hours and for very little money.

Benefits of Using a Sales Funnel Builder

  • Marketing Automation: Free up time for money-making activities by automating repetitive tasks.
  • Lead Conversion: Capture more leads and convert more of them to paying customers.
  • Increase Revenue: Increase the number of sales by leading customers through the sales process.
  • Bigger Cart Values: Increase average cart value with automation such as up-sells and one-time offers.  

Choosing the right sales funnel builder is crucial for any business that needs more leads and sales. It’s an investment that will pay off with increased leads, sales, and customer satisfaction.


To wrap up, these free sales funnel builders offer a range of features, and being able to use them without any cost is a big bonus. Whether it’s getting more leads, easy landing page creation, effective email marketing, or clever analytics – they’ve got you covered.

Clickfunnels, for instance, is best known for its clever drag-and-drop interface and comprehensive sales funnel templates, while Groove shines with its all-in-one platform that’s free to use (to a point). 

On the other hand, Convertri and Kajabi are great for creating high-converting landing pages and e-learning platforms. If email marketing is your main focus, GetResponse and DropFunnels could be your perfect match. 

With this list, we hope you’ll find the best free sales funnel builder to elevate your marketing efforts and grow your business.


Get answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about free sales funnels.

A sales funnel builder enables you to create effective landing pages, collect leads, automate follow-up emails, and carry out A/B testing without coding or web development skills. It’s like having your own web developer that makes creating sales funnels for your online business easier.

Important features in a free sales funnel builder are drag-and-drop page builders, email integration, split testing, templates, analytics reporting, automated sequences, and payment gateways. Also, how easy is the user interface to use, and what features are included in the free version?

Clickfunnels and Groove are both powerful sales funnel builders with unique features and offerings. Let’s delve into the differences between the two: 

Free VersionIt has a free version, but the paid version starts at $99 per monthYes, it offers a free version with limited features
PricingStarts at $97/month after the free trialIt has a more intuitive and user-friendly interface
FeaturesProvides funnel templates, email integrations, A/B testing, and analyticsOffers more than sales funnels, including email marketing, website builder, video hosting, and more
User-friendlinessIt has a steeper learning curve but offers more flexibilityHas a steeper learning curve but offers more flexibility

To create a sales funnel for free, use a sales funnel builder that offers a free plan or at least a free trial period. GetResponse, Systeme, and Groove offer free sales funnel plans for life.

No, Clickfunnels does not offer a free version. However, you can use Clickfunnels for free for 14 days with no obligation to subscribe at the end of the trial period. 

GetResponse is the best free sales funnel software alternative to Clickfunnels. Other good free alternatives are Systeme and Groove.

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