So, you plan on building a ConvertKit landing page to grow your audience and step up your email marketing game. This guide will break it all down for you, making it super easy to create ConvertKit landing pages that don’t just grab eyeballs but get your visitors to click and convert. And the best part? You can build unlimited ConvertKit landing pages for free 🤑

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Key Takeaways:

  • ConvertKit landing page builder is user-friendly.

  • Use good design and split testing to improve conversion rates.

  • ConvertKit SEO integrations help you optimize your landing page.

  • Free landing page builder– create unlimited pages at no cost.

interesting fact

Businesses with 40+ landing pages generated 12x more inbound leads than those with 1-5 landing pages. 🚀

Source: Hubspot

Getting Started with ConvertKit Landing Pages

ConvertKit - The Creator Marketing Platform

Building a ConvertKit landing page is excellent for getting your ideas and new services in front of potential customers. And gone are the days when you needed to be a coding wizard or shell out big bucks to create a landing page.

ConvertKit has stylish, free landing page templates that make it easy for anyone to craft a good landing page in no time. And ConvertKit will even host it for you – no need for a website.

Here’s how easy it is to create a landing page with ConvertKit:

1. Select a template

ConvertKit landing page templates.

Look through the tons and tons of beautiful landing page templates and pick one. Select the landing page that best fits your next project.

Each template option includes a preview so you can get a good idea of what they look like, so don’t be afraid to check out a few of them.

2. Customize Your Landing Page

Customize your ConvertKit landing pages

Update the template with your sales copy. Write an enticing headline, add content, and even link your social media accounts.

The correct copy and images can help increase subscriber conversion of your landing page and demonstrate other ways they can follow your work.

3. Add engaging images

Add images to your opt-in form

Images are crucial in grabbing your audience’s attention. So, you have plenty of options when choosing an image for your landing page.

You can upload an image representing your brand, pick an eye-catching stock photo from Unsplash, or even select one from your Instagram feed linked to your account.

4. Add Your Download (Lead Magnet)

Add your lead magnet to ConvertKit settings

You want your new potential customers to be impressed immediately, so they need to get what you promised (lead magnet) ASAP! Add your downloadable document to your landing page settings and let ConvertKit deliver it instantly.

To set this up:

  • Click Settings

  • Incentive

  • Download

  • Choose a file

  • Save

5. Share your landing page link

Publish and share your landing page

Hit the Save button to update the draft or the Publish button to make it live.

You will see a link you can copy and paste to share with our audience, or you can share it on Facebook or Twitter (X) or even embed the landing page in a WordPress website if necessary.

And just like that, you’ve got a snazzy landing page ready to gather leads, show off your offers, and boost your brand’s presence. It’s a piece of cake, really.

Understanding ConvertKit Landing Pages

Building landing pages is super simple with ConvertKit. You can whip up great-looking opt-in pages in no time.

Their main goal is to convert your visitors into subscribers and convert that traffic into leads (opt-ins). Think of an opt-in as your audience giving you a thumbs up for you to send them your content.

To grow your subscriber list, your opt-ins must be clear and easy to navigate.

That’s the magic of ConvertKit landing pages – great-looking opt-in pages without needing a website or coding. Pure magic! 🪄

Why Choose ConvertKit Landing Pages

Why ConvertKit? It’s simple:

ConvertKit simplifies promoting new services or products, making managing your next project launch a breeze.

With unlimited, professionally designed landing page templates, you can create a good landing page that truly reflects your brand identity.

ConvertKit pricing is very affordable, but you can create unlimited landing pages and opt-in forms for those on a budget, which won’t cost you a dime! 🤑

Optimizing A ConvertKit Landing Page

Optimizing A ConvertKit Landing Page

Once you’ve built your landing page, it is time to improve its performance to get more opt-in conversions.

Whether tweaking the design, making it SEO-friendly, or testing different versions, there are always ways to make it work better for you.

Here’s what a well-designed landing page needs:

  • A headline that stops traffic

  • Content that’s to the point

  • Eye-catching design

  • Messaging that speaks to your audience

  • An irresistible offer

  • A clear Call To Action (CTA)

Define Your Landing Page Goals

Know what you want your landing page to do before you build it. Whether for lead generation or selling a product, have a precise aim. Make sure you:

  • Give a clear and concise description of the product

  • Highlight the benefits of the offer

  • Have a single CTA that makes visitors take action

Select the Right ConvertKit Template

Pick The Best Landing Page Template For Your Goals

Choosing a suitable template is critical to building landing pages. ConvertKit has a bunch of templates for different purposes, like product launches, newsletters, and lead magnet forms.

Pick a template that aligns with your goal, then tweak it to match your brand messaging.

Customize Your Landing Page Content

Update the template with your own content

Words matter, folks. The copy on your landing page is the most critical element. Write a headline that hooks them, and make sure your form is easy to spot and above the fold – no scrolling.

Add images supporting your message but not distracting your potential leads from taking action. And that CTA? Make it crystal clear so there’s no guessing – just clicking. 😉

Optimize for Search Engines

Who doesn’t love free stuff, especially when it’s traffic to your landing page? That’s where SEO comes into play, making your ConvertKit landing page a magnet for search engines’ organic traffic.

Here’s how to give your landing page an SEO boost:

  1. Be clear on what your landing page is all about.

  2. Include relevant keywords.

  3. Write like you’re talking to a friend, not a search engine.

  4. Add keywords sparingly — don’t keyword stuff!

  5. Design with mobile users in mind.

  6. Use split testing (aka A/B testing).

  7. Use a custom domain for improved authority.

  8. Keep an eye on that loading speed.

  9. Keep tabs on your landing page stats.

  10. Get other sites to link to you– backlinks.

If you want your landing page to grow on autopilot, keep SEO optimization in mind.

Landing Page Analytics

ConverKit Integrates With Analytics Platforms

ConvertKit integrates with several analytics tools so you can keep tabs on your landing page performance:

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Tag Manager

  • Facebook Business

  • Segment

  • Fathom

  • Sparkloop

Keep track of the numbers for views and conversion rate (how well your page is turning visitors into leads or customers).

With this data, you can fine-tune your page for even better results.

Other ConvertKit Features

Beyond landing pages, ConvertKit provides a wealth of additional features to boost your marketing efforts.

From email marketing automation to analytics and reporting tools, ConvertKit is a comprehensive platform designed to help you grow your audience.

Email Marketing Automation

Email Sequence Templates

ConvertKit is your email marketing sidekick, helping you to connect with your audience on autopilot.

Once your ConvertKit landing page reels in those hot leads with its great-looking opt-in, you can sit back and let ConvertKit’s email automation do the heavy lifting for you.

With ConvertKit’s user-friendly visual automation builder, you can set up email sequences that nurture your subscribers and send them personalized emails, all without the daily grind of crafting emails from scratch.

Visual Automation

Setup visual automations to send out emails to your list

Watch your mailing list grow with fresh contacts as the Visual Automation tool effortlessly delivers the perfect email sequence to their inboxes.

Crafting automated subscriber journeys has never been simpler. Organize your subscribers, trigger tailored email sequences, and watch your content land in the right inbox at the right moment.


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Gain new quality subscribers from the largest network of creators (500K+ subscribers) who can help you reach new audiences and grow your list by recommending your work.

Use Recommendation’s discovery tool to help you find creators and newsletters your audience will resonate with most and recommend them to your list.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is the website page visitors reach after clicking on an ad, link, or search result.

It presents a tantalizing offer to get visitors to take a specific action. The actions are often things like:

  • Download a lead magnet

  • Subscribe to an email list

  • Register for a webinar

  • Become part of a community

  • And more.

What is a landing page used for?

Two things to keep in mind. First, a landing page usually focuses on traffic from a single source.

Secondly, you should have a separate landing page for each traffic source.

By honing in on a single traffic source, such as a Twitter bio link or an email promotion for a free e-book, landing pages can convert more visitors into subscribers, leads, or buyers.


Now you know all about how to create a landing page with ConvertKit. This free builder creates visually appealing and high-converting landing pages without coding.

With templates, easy customization, and instant lead magnet delivery, ConvertKit simplifies growing your audience.

It also offers email marketing tools and tools to optimize your pages. The generous free plan makes it perfect for bloggers, authors, and creatives on a budget.

Take the leap and start building your audience today! 🚀 Hit that “Get Free Landing Pages” button and dive into the world of ConvertKit’s free landing pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes, ConvertKit offers landing page templates, making creating effective landing pages for your email marketing campaigns easy.

The main difference between Leadpages and ConvertKit is their purpose: ConvertKit is an email marketing automation tool, whereas Leadpages is specifically designed for creating, optimizing, and testing landing pages.

You can use ConvertKit without a website by creating landing pages directly within the platform to capture email subscribers. This allows you to grow your mailing list without needing a separate website.

You can use ConvertKit without a website by creating landing pages directly within the platform to capture email subscribers. This allows you to grow your mailing list without needing a separate website.

Yes, ConvertKit offers various options to optimize landing pages for search engines.

Yes, ConvertKit provides integrations for analytics tools for monitoring the performance of your landing pages.

ConvertKit is often recommended as the best free landing page builder for its ease of use, customizable templates, and robust free plan, which includes unlimited landing pages and email marketing integration.

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