How To Fix ChatGPT Access Denied Error: Easy 1020 Fixes

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely hit the ‘chatgpt access denied‘ roadblock. The dreaded error code 1020 has haunted many eager artificial intelligence enthusiasts since ChatGPT stormed into our lives.

Don’t worry; our concise guide will walk you through practical steps to fix this ChatGPT error code and restore access.

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ChatGPT Access Denied Error Code Fix

Key Takeaways

  • The ChatGPT Access Denied Error Code 1020 can occur for many reasons, including too many requests from the same IP, suspicious activity, or browser issues.

  • Fixing the error code can involve using a VPN, clearing your browser’s cache and cookies, switching browsers, or restarting your router.

  • The ChatGPT service itself may be down, and checking OpenAI’s status page or DownDetector can confirm if that’s the case.

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I Use ChatGPT Every Day… And I Got ‘Access Denied’ Too

Hey 👋 I’m Maurice. I’m a serial entrepreneur and AI Expert. I got the dreaded ‘Access Denied’ 1020 error. What did I learn? It’s annoying but easily fixed! Happy creating! 🫡

Understanding ChatGPT Access Denied Error

Ever been told, ‘Sorry, you can’t come in’? That’s the equivalent of an ‘access denied’ error message in the digital world. And with ChatGPT, error code ‘1020’ is another way to say ‘access denied.’

So, why does the ChatGPT door sometimes slam shut on you? Well, OpenAI (the folks behind ChatGPT) might think you’re up to no good. Your IP address may be blocked, or you are doing something against their T&Cs and setting off ChatGPT’s alarm bells.

Either way, you’re left outside, wondering how to get back in.

What Is ChatGPT’s ‘Error 1020 Access Denied’ Issue?

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Think of Cloudflare as the bouncer at the club you’re trying to get into. They keep the bad guys out of web apps like ChatGPT. But what happens when this bouncer doesn’t trust you? You get — error code 1020 Access Denied! 🙅‍♂️

You’ve somehow managed to tick off Cloudflare’s security settings, and now you’re on the naughty list. This can happen when logging into your ChatGPT account or doing something in the app that Cloudflare doesn’t like.

But don’t stress; it’s usually just a misunderstanding, and we’ll show you how to regain access.

Why is ChatGPT Showing Error Code 1020?

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1020 Access Denied

Let’s keep rolling with our bouncer analogy. Picture this: you’re all set for a night out at the club, but the bouncer at the door stops you. ‘Not tonight,’ he grumbles. In this scenario, the bouncer is the set of rules and restrictions put in place by ChatGPT and Cloudflare to maintain security.

Sometimes, these rules get too tight and block even the good guys like you by raising false flags like suspicious activity or firewall issues. It’s like being turned away at the club because your name isn’t on the list, you don’t know the password or the venue is too full.

There are several reasons you might see the access denied message;

  • Blocked IP address

  • Breach of ChatGPT Terms & Conditions

  • VPN connection not stable

  • VPN app not trusted

  • Bad internet connection

  • Faulty web browser extensions

  • ChatGPT website is down.

Top Fixes For ChatGPT Access Denied Error

You can get back in and access ChatGPT if you’re not trying to pull a fast one on them.

There are several quick tricks to fix the ChatGPT access denied problem. You might need to change your VPN, clear out the cache and cookies on your browser, or give your router a reboot.

Let’s dive into how to kick that pesky ChatGPT access denied error to the curb.

1. Use a Trusted VPN Service

A photograph of a tangled network cable in the foreground. Use a VPN to fix ChatGPT access denied error

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) changes your IP address, making it look like you’re logging into ChatGPT from somewhere else.

This trick can be a lifesaver if a blocked IP address is why you get the ChatGPT error code 1020.

There are many trustworthy VPN services out there, like ExpressVPN or NordVPN, that can help you change your IP address.

But if you’re using a VPN and still getting the error, try turning it off, rebooting your device, and giving it another go without the VPN service.

2. Clear ChatGPT Browser Cache and Cookies

Clearing browser cache and cookies is like a digital detox, ridding your browser of outdated or corrupted ChatGPT cookies and other site data that might be causing the Access Denied Error Code 1020.

To do this, only for ChatGPT data in Google Chrome, follow these steps:

  • In Google Chrome, click the three dots and navigate to Settings

  • Navigate to Privacy and Security > Site Settings > View permissions and data stored across sites

  • Type ‘openai‘ in the search box

How to clear your cookies in Google Chrome browser
Clear ChatGPT cookies
  • Click on the Delete displayed data button.

  • Click Delete.

Delete ChatGPT cookies in Chrome
Delete ChatGPT cookies in Chrome

Now that all your ChatGPT data is gone, close and reopen your browser, and you shouldn’t have any hiccups on the ChatGPT website.

3. Disable Browser Extensions

Browser extensions can sometimes send signals that trip up Cloudflare’s security settings, which makes it show you the ChatGPT access denied error code.

So, what’s the fix? Turn off the extensions that might be the culprits. Often, this will clear the error and let you get back to ChatGPT. Once you’re in, turn the extensions back on one by one to see which one is causing the problem.

4. Restart Your Router

Imagine your router as your highway to ChatGPT. Just unplug your router, take a coffee break, then plug it back in. This easy reboot often clears the error by refreshing your IP address, which can remove the error code.

5. Check Internet Connection

If your internet’s slow, it might cause access denied errors when accessing ChatGPT. Ensure your connection is stable to avoid the dreaded ChatGPT error code 1020. Try other websites, switch to a different wifi, or use your phone’s internet to confirm if internet stability is the problem.

6. Switch to Another Web Browser

Ever feel like you’re banging your head against a door that won’t open? That’s what it’s like with the ChatGPT access denied error code. What to do? Try another door, or in this case, another browser!

Switching browsers often solves the problem, especially if it’s down to browser-specific settings or extensions. Everyone loves Google Chrome, but did you know OpenAI powers the Bing AI Search engine? So, try Bing and see if you still get the error code when accessing ChatGPT.

7. Check if the ChatGPT Service is Down

So, you’ve tried everything else, and that ChatGPT error code still stares you in the face. What gives? The ChatGPT service may be down, overwhelmed, or too busy to handle your request.

To see if that’s the case, go to the OpenAI status page or DownDetector to check the site’s status. If the ChatGPT service is catching some z’s or is down for maintenance, all you can do is wait for it to become available again.


You’ve made it through the gauntlet of error codes, IP restrictions, and ‘access denied’ signs. Hopefully, you managed to fix the ChatGPT access denied error problems.

You now know the ins and outs of why you might get the ChatGPT Access Denied Error Code 1020 and have a handful of solutions up your sleeve.

Whether it’s switching on a VPN, clearing your browser’s cache and cookies, using a different browser, or giving your router a restart, you now have a toolbox to fix ChatGPT access-denied problems.

So give these solutions a whirl, kick open that door, and immerse yourself in the thrilling world of generative AI.

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To fix ChatGPT, access denied issues; you can use a trusted VPN, clear your browser’s cache and cookies, disable browser extensions, restart your router, check your internet speed, or switch to a new browser. If none of these work, the ChatGPT service might be down.

ChatGPT might not be working due to many reasons. It could be because of a blocked IP address, a breach of the ChatGPT account’s terms and conditions, instability or mistrust of your VPN connection, an unreliable internet connection, faulty web browser extensions, or the ChatGPT website might be down. If any of these is true, then you will likely see the ChatGPT error code 1020 access denied message when you try to access ChatGPT.

OpenAI access can be denied due to several reasons. Like ChatGPT, it could be due to a blocked IP address, a breach of OpenAI’s terms and conditions, an unstable or untrusted VPN connection, a poor internet connection, faulty web browser extensions, or the OpenAI website might be down. Additionally, OpenAI servers might be doing maintenance or experiencing server issues, possibly denying access.

Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies removes any outdated or potentially corrupted site data that might be causing the ChatGPT Access Denied error. This process eliminates lingering ChatGPT or other site data that might interfere with your access. It helps your browser function more effectively, potentially resolving the ChatGPT error code 1020 access denied error message.

It would help if you disabled browser extensions because some of them can trigger security settings and cause access issues with ChatGPT. This can be resolved by disabling the extensions.

ChatGPT access can be denied due to several reasons. These include a blocked IP address, a breach of terms and conditions, an unstable or untrusted VPN connection, a poor internet connection, faulty web browser extensions, or the ChatGPT website being down. Furthermore, the ChatGPT service might be experiencing technical issues and is temporarily unavailable. Lastly, OpenAI, the parent organization of ChatGPT, might be doing maintenance or experiencing server issues, which could also result in access being denied.

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