Best Free AI Tools: Top 23 You Need to Try Today [2024]

Introducing the ultimate guide to the best free AI tools you must try today! If you’re a blogger or entrepreneur looking to improve your business efficiency with artificial intelligence, you’ll love this blog post. Explore the top free AI tools that will revolutionize your workflow and help you stay ahead of the competition. From image recognition to virtual assistants, we’ve got you covered.

Best Free AI Tools
Top Picks for Free AI Tools

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What are the Best Free AI Tools?

There are free AI tools for anything, from igniting your creativity, streamlining productivity, automating mundane tasks, and writing engaging sales copy.

We’ve compiled a list of top free AI tools like ChatGPT, DALL-E, and Notion AI to boost your productivity and creativity. Our selected tools genuinely solve problems and come without hidden fees.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s in store:

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I Tested 35+ AI Tools…

Hi! I’m Maurice, and I’ve tested loads of AI apps to find the best ones that can be used for free. Not all apps are created equal; even if they are ‘free’, not all will be worth your time. This list has the best ones. Have fun! 🫡

1. ChatGPT – The King of Chatbots

chatgpt overview
Our favorite Free AI Chatbot
  • Overview: An advanced AI chatbot that excels in generating human-like text based on the prompts it receives.

  • Key Features: Natural language processing, conversation simulation, content creation.

  • Ideal for: Content creators, educators, students, researchers, and more.

ChatGPT, OpenAI’s trailblazing generative AI tool, has grabbed everyone’s attention because creating AI content is as easy as chatting with someone you know really well.

Its versatility is impressive – from captivating blog posts to writing code and even automating social media content creation. It’s the artificial intelligence tool most creators never knew they needed until they tried it for the first time.

The no-fuss interface makes signing up for ChatGPT easy and start using it instantly. Whether you’re a seasoned digital geek or all fingers and thumbs in front of the keyboard, you’ll have no problem figuring it out.

However, ChatGPT has its problems. It can sometimes churn out content that feels like a cookie-cutter response. And it would be best to fact-check everything because it can be creative with ‘facts.’ Even the most advanced AI isn’t perfect – yet.

2. DALL-E 3 – Your Creative Companion

Example of Dalle-3 AI generated art.
Generated with Dall-e 3
  • Overview: An AI program by OpenAI that creates images from textual descriptions.

  • Key Features: Generates unique images from text prompts, supports various art styles, and can edit aspects of existing images.

  • Ideal for: Artists, designers, and creatives seeking inspiration or unique visual content for projects.

Need help to bring your visual ideas to life without breaking the bank? Enter DALL-E, a godsend for content creators who need quick, eye-stopping visuals at zero cost.

No more complex design tools or waiting on expensive and time-wasting Fivver gigs. With DALL-E, you’re in complete control, turning simple text prompts into beautiful AI-generated images in seconds.

Even non-artists like myself can create something cool in seconds. Look at the picture I made of the dog and an astronaut talking about AI on the moon.. wow 🤩 Even I’m impressed with me …

And all it took was this simple prompt to bring my image to life.

Example of Dall-e 3 image prompt
Simple Dall-e image prompt

That being said, it’s got its quirks—like the absence of a live preview or an easy way to save prompts that you like in the app interface.

However, the pros far outweigh the cons. It’s a no-brainer for creators looking for captivating graphics without the wait or burning price tag.

3. AutoDraw – Sketching Simplified

An AI-powered sketching process with AutoDraw
  • Overview: A web-based tool that uses AI to transform rough sketches into polished illustrations.

  • Key Features: Predictive drawing assistance, wide selection of pre-drawn images, simple interface.

  • Ideal for: Anyone needing quick and simple drawings for presentations, educational materials, or casual design work.

AutoDraw transforms scribbles into polished pictures, making it easy to seem like you have Picasso-like talent when paint-by-numbers is more your level of drawing talent.

Its clever design turns the simplest sketches into impressive illustrations, suggesting what you could draw based on your sketch strokes.

While it’s awkward to use on some devices such as iPads, and its UI could use an upgrade, AutoDraw is fun, free, and a helpful tool to improve your creative output.

4. Notion AI – Productivity Enhanced

Just Ask Notion AI for help with productivity
  • Overview: AI-enhanced features within Notion to automate and enhance productivity tasks.

  • Key Features: Content generation, summarizing information, creating to-do lists, and drafting emails.

  • Ideal for: Professionals, students, and teams looking for an all-in-one workspace with AI-powered efficiency.

Notion AI is an optional add-on for the popular productivity platform Notion. It lets you generate AI text within any Notion document through simple prompts. Press the Space bar on a new line to activate the artificial intelligence and tell it to perform tasks.

Using geeky artificial intelligence methods like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML), Notion AI automates tasks such as table updates or summarizing meeting notes.

Although it currently does not offer third-party integrations and only provides a free trial as opposed to an entirely free version of the AI feature, Notion AI is still a valuable tool if you want to improve the productivity of your Notion documents.

5. Poe – Interactive Insight Generator

POE create chatbot interface
  • Overview: A platform for fast two-way conversations with chatbots and AI enthusiasts.

  • Key Features: Access to AI communities, education, and real-time interactive feedback.

  • Ideal for: Researchers, writers, and people curious and seeking deep dives into new technology.

Poe is one of the best free AI tools, offering a unique experience for people who want to dabble in AI technology.

It’s a one-stop AI hub where you can use various chatbots, including ChatGPT, Claude, and Poe’s proprietary models, to streamline your workflow. You can even create and sell your own chatbots on this platform.

My Pro Tip

Download the Poe mobile app so you can use your favorite chatbots on the go, wherever you are. Available on Android and iOS.

Despite a limited free plan, Poe is a valuable asset for AI enthusiasts looking for a user-friendly platform to explore artificial intelligence without breaking the bank. If the free plan is not enough for your needs, you can upgrade to one of the paid subscription options.

6. Eightify – YouTube Text Automation

eightify video summary ai tool
  • Overview: An AI tool that automates summarizing YouTube videos.

  • Key Features: It integrates with ChatGPT, highlights key points and timestamps, and supports 40+ languages.
  • Ideal for: Researchers, writers, journalists, bloggers, and anyone who needs to summarize YouTube videos.

Have you ever tried to watch a long video but couldn’t be bothered? We all have been there. That’s where Eightify comes in handy. It uses artificial intelligence technology to summarize YouTube videos.

Using natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning, Eightify analyzes any YouTube video and extracts the most crucial parts. The summary is created using natural language generation (NLG) to present it in a way humans can understand.

The app is available on iOS and as an extension for Chrome and Safari desktop browsers. You can create text summaries of YouTube videos with clickable highlights to jump between video sections.

Eightify offers a free plan allowing you to transcribe up to three videos in a month, with a maximum duration of 30 minutes. If you need no time restrictions, you can upgrade to the paid version, which starts at $4.95 per month. Overall, the app is great for creating concise and easily understandable video summaries.

7. Skimit AI – Quick Text Summaries

Email your article to SkimIt AI
  • Overview: AI-powered tool for quickly summarizing long articles, reports, and documents.

  • Key Features: Text summaries and shareable article summaries.

  • Ideal for: Busy professionals, students, and researchers needing quick text summaries of lengthy documents.

Need a quick summary of an article online? Email the link to, and you’ll receive a summary in under 10 minutes.

If you want your friends to receive the shortened version, add them to the CC field. It will automatically arrive in their inbox. is free (for now) because the developers, Alex and Karthik, are using it to get better at building AI tools– I love geeks ;-). It’s a simple, no-frills way to read more articles in less time.

8. Synthesia – Video Avatars

How to make a talking head video using AI
How to make a talking head video using AI
  • Overview: AI video generation platform that creates videos from text using virtual avatars.

  • Key Features: Customizable avatars, text-to-speech in multiple languages, and various templates.

  • Ideal for: Educators, content creators, and businesses needing engaging video content.

AI is shaking things up in video production, and Synthesia has made it possible to generate high-quality content for video without any video editing experience.

Type your script into the platform and get a polished video with an AI presenter and a choice of voiceover (in 130+ languages).

It has a bunch of templates and audio choices, so you can quickly whip up anything from a YouTube clip to a product demo.

You can create your first video for free, but remember, the AI avatars aren’t going to win an Oscar anytime soon but are incredibly realistic. For quick video content without expensive video equipment, Synthesia is a solid pick.

9. Whisper – Accurate Audio Transcription

Whisper from OpenAI
  • Overview: OpenAI’s robust, open-source speech recognition system is designed to transcribe audio to text accurately.

  • Key Features: High-accuracy transcription, multilingual support, and adaptability to various audio conditions.

  • Ideal for: Podcasters, journalists, and professionals needing reliable transcription for interviews, meetings, and content creation.

Whisper, from OpenAI, is a speech recognition system trained on over 680,000 hours of multilingual audio from the web. It turns audio into text in real time, translating over 50 languages with laser-like accuracy.

My Pro Tip

If you are unfamiliar with coding, Whisper might not be for you. It’s very technical. Learn how to transcribe audio with Whiper in this Weights & Biases article.

It stumbles with technical words, accents, or slang, and installing it can be a headache. But once it’s up and running, it’s an impressive audio transcription tool that won’t cost you anything.

10. Canva Magic Write – Design Assistant

Use Canva Magic write to speed up design projects
  • Overview: An AI-powered writing assistant within Canva for generating text content.

  • Key Features: Content for social media posts, blog outlines, and marketing copy directly within Canva.

  • Ideal for: Marketers, social media managers, and designers looking for an integrated design approach.

With Canva Magic Write, I can auto-generate catchy headlines and compelling sales copy within Canva. It’s super easy to use—free plan users get 25 credits per month, and Pro users get 75.

Look how easy it was for me to develop Tweet ideas for this blog post. I gave Canva Magic a simple instruction, which came back with 5 great ideas in no time.

Example of Canva Magic app use case
I asked Canva Magic to give me some Tweet ideas.
Example of Canva Magic app use case results
And Canva Magic wrote me these Tweet ideas.

It would be great to be able to steer the AI with prompts for more tailored results, but for now, you hit a button and hope it gives you something worthwhile.

Despite that, Canva Magic Write is a great free AI app for quick and engaging AI-generated content without having to leave your Canva project.

11. Murf AI: AI Voice Generator

Stop Searching Start Creating Explainer Videos With Murf AI
Generate Explainer Videos with Murf AI
  • Overview: A versatile text-to-speech platform offering high-quality, lifelike AI voices.

  • Key Features: Wide range of voices and languages, voice cloning capabilities, intuitive script editor.

  • Ideal for: E-learning content creators, video producers, and businesses needing voiceovers for presentations and marketing materials.

Imagine you could turn your written words into a crisp, professional-sounding voiceover with the click of a button. That’s what this AI tool does—it speaks for you!

Murf AI is a breeze to use, and even if you’re new to making voiceovers, you’ll feel like a pro in no time.

This free AI tool is perfect for jazzing up your YouTube videos or giving your marketing campaigns an extra punch.

12. Google AI: AI Research Tools

Google AI Gemini chat copilot
Gemini online chatbot
  • Overview: Google’s comprehensive suite of AI technologies and tools for developers and businesses.

  • Key Features: Advanced machine learning models, AI-driven analytics, and cloud computing services.

  • Ideal for: Developers, data scientists, and businesses looking to incorporate AI into their products.

Dive into the world of Google AI, and you’ll find a treasure trove of the best free AI tools around. Google Gemini, previously called Bard, can lend a hand with tasks that typically require human intelligence.

My Pro Tip

If you want better responses from the Gemini chatbot, tell it who, what, why, and how you would like the response when asking questions.

Whether you’re crafting marketing copy or turning doodles into professional-looking videos, Gemini can use its advanced AI models to simplify the tasks and get you results in an instant.

Google Gemini is an excellent free alternative to ChatGPT that you can use directly in your web browser. I asked Gemini to help me decide between pickleball and tennis, and within seconds, I got this comprehensive response:

Google Gemini chatbot pickleball example
Gemini chat response

With machine learning models and advanced AI magic, this free, open-source platform is a game changer, saving time and boosting productivity without sweat.

13. Lumen5 — Video Creator

Turn blog posts into videos with Lumen 5
  • Overview: An AI-powered video maker that transforms text content into video presentations.

  • Key Features: Automated text-to-video technology, a vast media library, and customizable branding options.

  • Ideal for: Marketers, social media specialists, and content creators aiming to produce visually appealing video content.

We all know the power of video in marketing, but who has the time or budget for it? Enter Lumen5, a free AI tool that quickly turns text into slick videos.

No need for techie video editing skills either—choose from various templates and images, and you have a captivating video to wow your audience with. Lumen5 is a game-changer for anyone looking to enhance their digital marketing with quality video content.

14. GFP-GAN — Photo Restoration

GFP-GAN Github repository
Github repository
  • Overview: An AI-driven platform that re-generates old photos, making them look new.
  • Key Features: Advanced image generation, enhancement, and realism.

  • Ideal for: Graphic designers, photographers, and artists interested in photo restoration.

Ever wished you could fix up old photos, but you hate using Photoshop? GFP-GAN could be the image correction tool you need. It’s one of the best AI image creators, creating fresh, professional-looking images with just a few clicks.

It’s a breeze; you don’t need to be a tech whiz to make it work. Use this free, open-source tool to give your old memories a facelift.

15. Retable – ChatGPT Spreadsheet App

No code online spreadsheets with Retable app
  • Overview: A dynamic online spreadsheet tool enhanced with ChatGPT.

  • Key Features: AI-powered analytics, collaborative project management, customizable templates.

  • Ideal for: Project managers, teams, and businesses needing versatile spreadsheet collaboration.

Looking for a way to work together on big spreadsheets without all the technical headaches? Meet Retable is a nifty online tool that makes teaming up on spreadsheets easier.

With its intelligent AI technology, you can collaborate, plan your projects, and get everyone on the same page lightning-fast. It’s a piece of cake to use; best of all, it’s free!

So, whether you’re a start-up or a big charity, Retable can save you time and money by leveraging AI tools for your projects.

16. AnswerThePublic

answerthepublic marketing keyword example
  • Overview: A consumer insight tool that visualizes search questions in an informative graphic.

  • Key Features: Search query visualization, keyword research tool, content idea generation.

  • Ideal for: SEO specialists, content marketers, and digital marketers looking for insights into search intent.

I like Google Trends, but I need more insight into what people try to discover. Well, AnswerThePublic stops the guesswork.

Thanks to AI technology and machine learning algorithms, it’s like having a mind-reading buddy. Just pop in a topic, and bam! You get a list of actual questions people are asking about your topic or niche.

AnswerThePublic is a free tool and a no-brainer for marketing teams and SEO specialists looking to create content that ranks in search every time. It’s super easy to use, saving time and brainpower.

17. Descript

Video feaures packed in Descript AI video tool
  • Overview: An all-in-one video editing software that uses AI for easier production and editing.

  • Key Features: Automated transcription, overdubbing, screen recording, and voice cloning.

  • Ideal for: Podcasters, video editors, and content creators need a comprehensive media production and editing tool.

Do you ever feel over your head with editing videos or podcasts? Descript is a free platform that makes cutting, mixing, or cleaning up your video and audio files easy.

With its user-friendly interface, you don’t need to be a tech whiz to create professional-sounding content.

Descript uses machine learning algorithms to transcribe your recordings accurately so you can focus on your audience, while Descript handles the technical stuff.

18. Grammarly

Plagiarism Checker Example - Grammarly
Plagiarism Checker – Grammarly
  • Overview: An advanced writing assistant that uses AI to improve clarity, correctness, and engagement.

  • Key Features: Real-time grammar and punctuation checks.

  • Ideal for: Writers, professionals, and students seeking to enhance their writing.

Typos’ happen; we’re all human. But missing one in an email or blog post can be embarrassing, to say the least. That is why I don’t write anything without a bit of help from Grammarly.

This nifty little spelling and grammar tool checks your work quickly, ensuring your content is spot on. It also has AI features to check for plagiarism and give automated suggestions to improve your writing.

As far as free AI tools are concerned, Grammarly is definitely one of the best.

19. Perplexity AI

Unlock the power of AI with Perplexity AI
Unlock the power of AI with Perplexity AI.
  • Overview: An AI-powered search engine designed to provide concise, accurate answers from the web.

  • Key Features: Advanced natural language understanding, high-quality source material retrieval, interactive Q&A format.

  • Ideal for: Researchers, students, and the curious looking for quick, reliable answers to a wide range of questions.

Traditional search engines often turn up the same boring search results that only sometimes answer your questions.

Perplexity AI is part of a new wave of AI-powered search engines that dig deep into the web to pull out better search results that make sense—even for tricky questions.

This free AI search engine is a wiz at sorting through tons of info using machine learning to give you more meaningful answers.

Whether you’re a student doing research or a journalist hunting for facts, Perplexity will help you stay ahead with better-quality information.

20. DiffusionBee

Create Images Using DiffusionBee Free AI
  • Overview: A desktop app that generates images from textual descriptions using AI.

  • Key Features: Text-to-image generation, image-to-image generation, no internet connection needed.

  • Ideal for: Artists and creatives who want AI-generated images for their projects.

Create stunning images as quickly as you make a cup of coffee. DiffusionBee is a free AI app for creating content without design or drawing expertise.

It’s easy to use—type in what you would like it to create, and moments later, you get a cool picture back. It’s a must-have for your creative toolkit, especially since it’s free with no usage limits.

Another cool feature is that it’s completely offline so you can use it anywhere, even without an internet connection.

21. Zapier

Integrate all your AI tools with Zapier
Hook up all your top AI apps.
  • Overview: An online automation tool that connects your favorite apps and services, enabling them to work together using AI.

  • Key Features: Workflow automation, app integration, task automation.

  • Ideal for: Businesses, productivity enthusiasts, and anyone looking to automate repetitive tasks.

Think of Zapier as your personal automation assistant. It connects over 3,000 apps to work seamlessly together, allowing you to effortlessly send information from one app to another while you relax.

Do you need to link Slack and Google Drive? No worries! Zapier can do that and so much more with ease. It’s a great tool for automating tasks and making your existing toolkit more efficient.

22. Hugging Face

AI community Hugging Face
  • Overview: An open-source library providing thousands of pre-trained models for various natural language processing tasks.

  • Key Features: Text classification, generation, translation, and more.

  • Ideal for: Developers, researchers, and tech enthusiasts.

Hugging Face is an AI library filled with easy-to-use tools that other AI enthusiasts make. Whether you want to create a chatbot or analyze customer reviews, Hugging Face has a chatbot to help you, a great AI community, and free tools to get you started.

23. Trello (with Butler automation)

Atlassian Trello AI Productivity App
  • Overview: A visual project management tool that uses AI-powered automation to manage tasks and projects.

  • Key Features: Task automation, project tracking, board customization.

  • Ideal for: Teams, project managers, and anyone needing organizational tools.

Trello is excellent at organizing your to-do lists. It helps you turn your cluttered plans into neat and easy-to-follow boards. You create the boards and tasks, and your AI assistant (Butler) will do the rest!

Trello is the perfect tool if you’re looking for a hassle-free way to automate being organized and running personal and corporate projects.

How I Picked the Best Free AI Tools

An abstract illustration representing the creative possibilities of Artificial Intelligence

Let’s talk about how I handpicked these AI freebies. Rule number one: they have to be free or offer a decent trial period to assess the tools’ abilities fully. No sneaky charges or “surprise” fees after just as you’re getting to grips with using it.

Then, I looked for tools that solve real-world problems that make me think, “Where have you been all my life?” They should boost your efficiency or spark that a-ha moment when you’re looking for inspiration or a creative spark.

And finally, they had to be the best of the best. I’m talking about the tools that get reviews for being super user-friendly and doing what they claim to do.

So, we’ve got a list of AI tools that are not just free but also seriously useful and reliable. No fluff, no fuss—just the good stuff.

  • Free of Charge: The tools must be accessible without hidden costs.

  • Problem-Solving: Should address a specific problem or need.

  • Efficiency and Creativity: The tools should enhance efficiency by automating tasks or boosting creativity by providing new ways to generate or improve content.

  • User-Friendly: They must be easy to use, even for those who are not tech-savvy.

  • Highly Rated: The tools included in the list must have positive reviews that confirm their reliability.

How to Choose the Right Free AI Tool for You

Pick The Best Free AI Tools
Pick The Best Free AI Tools

Selecting the ideal free AI tools for you is easy. First, clearly define your objectives, such as enhancing creativity or boosting efficiency.

Once you have a list of goals, compare the features of different AI tools—identify tools that meet your specific needs and match up with your objectives.

Experiment with a variety of tools. Many have a free version or trial, allowing you to test them. This hands-on experience is the best way of finding the perfect match for your workflow.

We all like a freebie, but be aware of hidden costs. Lastly, do some homework and see what other users have said about the tools you are considering using. Especially if you have to pay to use them. Using user feedback and reviews, you can gauge the tool’s effectiveness and reliability in real-world scenarios.

  • Define your goals: Determine what you need from an AI tool.

  • Features: Look at what different AI tools offer and see which ones align with your objectives.

  • Test: Use the free versions or trials to get hands-on experience and find the best fit for your needs.

  • Hidden costs: Be aware of what it will cost after the trial period.

  • User feedback: Research what others say about the tools in real-world situations.


Now, you are ready to navigate the brave new world of artificial intelligence; in this blog post, we laid out the top free AI tools to elevate your creativity and efficiency.

We carefully selected standout tools like ChatGPT, DALL-E, and Notion AI, which promise to increase your productivity and creativity and free up time for more important things like watching back-to-back NBA games. 😁

We also gave you each tool’s strengths and little quirks to help you pick the ideal AI companion. Our picks weren’t just random choices; we focused on tools that genuinely solve problems and come without hidden fees.

I hope you’ve found this list helpful. Now, it’s time to try a few of these AI tools and watch them transform your daily tasks.


Get answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about Free AI Tools.

Free AI content generators, such as ChatGPT and Gemini, can automatically generate different forms of written content for free.

The main benefits of free AI tools include time savings, no cost, simplifying complex tasks, and improved productivity and efficiency.

AI tools are helpful but are intended to supplement human creativity and intelligence. They can process information and make sense of it in a way that humans can’t, but they cannot (yet) think and rationalize in the same way humans can.

Add your unique perspective and insights to ensure AI-generated content is original and free from bias. Additionally, research information from several sources and fact-check everything AI-generated. These steps can help mitigate any unintentional bias, leading to more balanced and authentic content.

There are risks associated with using free AI tools. Accuracy can be an issue; therefore, verifying the information provided is crucial. Additionally, privacy concerns should not be overlooked, as these tools may not guarantee the confidentiality of your data.

If you’re looking for the best free AI tool, ChatGPT stands out as the clear winner, and it is free, making it accessible to everyone.

Yes, ChatGPT is free. You can use it without a paid subscription or upgrade to their Pro plan for more advanced features.

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