Best AI Tweet Generator: Grow Your Twitter Account – Fast!

Looking for the best AI tweet generator to help you create engaging tweets and boost your Twitter (X) profile?

I know how frustrating it is when your Twitter page is so dead it looks like a scene from Zombie Apocalypse.

But don’t worry; I’ll share my favorite AI-powered tools for creative tweets to help you grab your audience’s attention.

These are my top picks for creators looking to generate awesome tweets with artificial intelligence tools.

Best For Social Media Managers
Our Top Pick
Best For Scheduling
From $24 per month
From $49 per month
From $0.00
Best For Social Media Managers
From $24 per month
Our Top Pick
Best For Scheduling
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I Tested 20+ of The Best AI Tweet Tools… My Opinion?

Hey! I’m Maurice. I’ve tried many AI tweet generators, and they’ve been game-changers! Twitter (X) used to be a time drain, but AI tools like Tweet Hunter have made creating engaging tweets effortless. Happy tweeting 🐣.

The Best AI Tweet Generator For Perfect Tweets?

There are plenty of great tools to generate tweets out there. The best one for you depends on how you want to create tweets, features, and your budget.

Use any of these top AI tweet generators to make awesome tweets:

  • Best for Automation: Tweet Hunter

  • Best for Budget: Tweety AI

  • Best for Multiple Platforms: SocialBee

  • Best for AI Content: Jasper AI

1. Tweet Hunter: Best for Automation

Build your Twitter account fast with an AI Tweet Generator like Tweet Hunter


$49/month or $99/month.

Tweet Hunter Pros & Cons

  • 3M+ library of high-performing tweets
  • Versatile AI tools/templates
  • High-quality output
  • Monetize followers with CRM features
  • Easy to use
  • No free plan (7-day trial only)

Twitter (X) taking up too much of your time? Tweet Hunter is your go-to for automating social media growth with AI-generated tweets. Tweet Hunter doesn’t just churn out tweets; it crafts messages that hook your followers.

Its standout feature? A suite of advanced automation tools that take the grunt work out of Twitter management, from scheduling to crafting top-notch tweets.

There’s no free plan (pity), but you can give it a spin with a 7-day trial and see the magic for yourself.

2. Tweety AI: Best for Tight Budgets

Let ChatGPT grow your Twitter account with AI Generated Tweets from Tweety AI.


Basic – FREE forever, PRO: $3.99 per month or $39.90 per year.

Tweety AI Pros & Cons

  • AI-powered perfect tweet generation

  • Unique and original tweets

  • Integrates with ChatGPT

  • Free AI tweet generator

  • No analytics or reporting features

Looking for a free AI tweet generator? With Tweety AI Twitter generator, you will create tweets to wow your target audience in no time and for free πŸ€‘. Check out its key features:

  • Hooks up to ChatGPT language model

  • Creates tweets based on your topic/niche

  • Generates engaging content effortlessly

  • Unique tweets from other accounts in your subject or niche

There is no need to worry about breaking the bank while automating your Twitter account; the basic plan is free for life, and the paid plans are affordable.

3. SocialBee: Best for Multiple Platforms

AI Twitter Automation and Social Media Management from SocialBee


From $24/month to $82/month (billed annually)

SocialBee Pros & Cons

  • Easy to schedule tweets and manage them by category.

  • Straightforward setup process.

  • Use AI features to get ideas for social media captions quickly.

  • AI-generated Tweets in seconds.

  • Responsive customer support.

  • Branded reports only on the Pro plan

SocialBee is a fantastic AI platform that’ll save you time and boost your clients’ social media marketing game. Marketing managers, SocialBee is going to help you write impactful tweets in just a few minutes and wow your Twitter audience.

With its AI generator and scheduled tweets, you can automate the whole process and send out attention-grabbing tweets.

SocialBee is a game-changer for your tweet content if you’re new to managing social media.

4. Jasper AI: Best for AI Tools

AI Writing CoPilot - Jasper AI


The Creator plan is $39 monthly, and the Pro plan is $59 monthly (billed annually).

Jasper AI Pros & Cons

  • Results 5x faster

  • 30+ languages

  • Plagiarism-free content

  • Clean and user-friendly interface

  • Easy-to-use tweet generator

  • Use Chrome extension to write tweets

  • A lot of tools that you may never need

Jasper is a super popular AI tweet generator. You can write anything from a Facebook ad to a romantic novel in just a few clicks. And guess what? It can even generate tweets for social media posts.

Give the Tweet Machine a topic, and boom – AI-generated tweets in seconds.

I’ve used Jasper for most of my content writing, and the Tweet Machine never disappoints. Engaging tweets every single time.

5. StoryLab.AI: Best for Ideas

AI Content and Twitter Generator Platform - StoryLab


Monthly for $19 or $183 for a year.

StoryLab.AI Pros & Cons

  • Improves Twitter presence

  • Writes hooks and outlines

  • It helps inspire ideas for Twitter threads

  • Easy to use

  • No scheduling or automation

StoryLab.AI is ideal for those grappling with Twitter caption writer’s block 😫. This AI-powered tweet generator writes catchy Twitter captions, content ideas, hooks, and outlines for your stories.

It’s great for marketers and content creators who want to generate viral tweets and write better stories.

6. Pally: Best for Social Media Managers

Social Media Management Platform and AI Tweet Generator - Pally


Free plan or $16.20/mo (annually billed).

Pally Pros & Cons

  • Quick and easy scheduling

  • Brand tools such as tone of voice

  • Generate tweets and relevant hashtags

  • Reports and analytics

  • Cost for additional Social Sets

Pally is used for more than just creating tweets. It’s an all-singing, all-dancing social media management tool that’s great at crafting engaging tweets.

With features like a caption generator, Twitter thread maker, and tweet generator, it saves you time and keeps your Twitter feed looking lively.

Once Pally has helped you generate creative tweets, scheduling them is a breeze. You should try it out– your first 15 tweets are free – every month!

7. WriteSonic: Best for a Variety of Tools

Create Tweets Like A Prow With WriteSonic AI Tweet Generator


Tweet Generator is Free. Paid plans from $13 per month.

WriteSonic Pros & Cons

  • Large library of AI tools/templates

  • High-quality output

  • Tweet in 25+ languages

  • Automate Twitter threads

  • Easy to use

  • No scheduling features

Join the army of content writers who love WriteSonic Tweet Generator. Create compelling tweets in no time. Craft captivating tweets quickly and effectively to boost visibility and engagement.

With 100+ AI templates, Writesonic is more than just a random tweet generator; it has you covered for all kinds of content creation.

Generate high-quality tweets effortlessly using the built-in tweet generator, along with exciting captions and Chatsonic, a ChatGPT-like chatbot called Chatsonic.

8. HypeFury: Best for Twitter Scheduling

Twitter AI Tweet Generator to monazite your Twitter audience - Hypefury


Free plan. Standard is $15.83, and Premium costs $40.83 (charged yearly).

HypeFury Pros & Cons

  • Efficient content management and scheduling.

  • AI-driven tweet creation saves time.

  • Automated reposting to Instagram.

  • Strategic tweet timing for better engagement.

  • Multi-platform sharing increases reach.

  • Auto DMs are limited to annual payments on the Standard plan

What makes HypeFury unique is its ability to optimize tweet scheduling for maximum interaction. It can even send DMs and repurpose your top tweets on LinkedIn and Instagram.

This free tool automates nearly all your Twitter tasks, boosting brand engagement. Analytics? It has many helpful reporting features, and you can share the platform with social media managers or VAs.

9. TweetStorm: Best for Engagement

AI Tweet Generator - TweetStorm


Free plan. Paid plans from $12 monthly (100 credits) or $24 monthly (300 credits).

TweetStorm Pros & Cons

  • Free plan available.

  • Free AI tweet generator.

  • Provides Hashtag Suggestions.

  • Unique Bio Creation feature.

  • Create captivating tweets.

  • Lacks advanced analytics or reporting features.

  • No advanced scheduling capabilities.

Boost your Twitter engagement with TweetStorm. This AI-powered tweet generator is perfect for creating captivating, unique tweets that hook your target audience.

What I love about TweetStorm is its ability to tailor topics to your audience’s interests for maximum reach. But that’s not all; it also takes care of time-consuming tasks like generating usernames and suggesting hashtags.

Try out this free AI tweet generator and watch your Twitter game soar. πŸš€

10. OwlyWriter AI: Best for Big Twitter Accounts

Hootsuite OwlyWriter AI Twitter Generation Tool


From $99 per month (30-day free trial).

OwlyWriter Pros & Cons

  • Smart automation features.

  • User-friendly interface that simplifies the journey from idea to tweet.

  • Diverse content suggestions to keep your Twitter feed fresh and engaging.

  • Lots of idea automation features, so you’re never left scratching your head.

  • Requires a Hootsuite subscription.

  • Paid plans are pricey.

Meet OwlyWriter AI from Hootsuite – your new Twitter wingman. This savvy tool doesn’t just spit out tweets; it’s all about smart tweeting strategy.

Schedule posts, get content ideas, and dive into analytics, all in a super easy-to-use platform. It’s like having a sidekick that knows the Twitterverse inside out.

In short, if Twitter mastery is what you’re after, and you’re ready to save time with AI magic, OwlyWriter AI is your ticket to the big leagues.

11. AtOnce: Best for Multilingual Support

AI Tweet Generator Tool and Content Writer - AtOnce


Starts at $79 per month.

AtOnce Pros & Cons

  • Multilingual support for tweeting worldwide.

  • Save hours on social media marketing.

  • Easy-to-navigate interface.

  • Smart suggestions to generate tweets.

  • AI-generated hashtags and images.

  • It’s pricier than some.

AtOnce is a full-on AI writing and social media wizard, ensuring you hit the mark and drive engagement.

The AI Tweet Generator and AI Tweet Writer give you the tools to make tweets that grab attention.

AtOnce’s AI tweet writer makes unique and engaging tweets that increase your social media presence. According to the good people behind AtOnce, the tool has been proven to boost engagement by at least 25% on over 500,000 Twitter accounts.

What Is An AI Tweet Generator?

What Is An AI Tweet Generator

So, what’s an AI tweet generator? Think of it as your personal tweet ghostwriter that’s supercharged with artificial intelligence.

It’s the secret sauce to creating those catchy tweets that make your followers think, “Wow, that’s clever!” without sweating over your keyboard.

Why would you want to use one? Because it’s like having a 24/7 idea generator that helps you maintain a consistent, engaging presence on Twitter.

Another reason is that it’s a huge time-saver, giving you more time to actually enjoy your flat white coffee while you watch your engagement grow.

Boost your Twitter game with AI using these top-notch tweet generators: Tweet Hunter, packed with automation features; Tweety AI, an AI-powered tool perfect for budget-conscious tweeters; and SocialBee, great for managing content across multiple platforms.

How I Pick The Best AI Tweet Generator

How I Pick The Best AI Tweet Generator

Twitter (X) is a powerful platform to boost brand awareness and engage with potential customers. The only downside? It can be a time sink and hit-or-miss for account growth.

That’s why I wanted an AI tool to generate tweets and save me the hassle (and time) of doing it myself every day.

I made a shortlist of features I needed in a good tweet creator:

  • AI-powered tweet generation

  • Create tweets that are original

  • Tag and filter segmentation

  • Tweet scheduling

  • Hashtag generator

  • Bio generator

  • Auto DM responses

  • Auto-generate from viral tweets

  • Retweet previous popular threads

After scouring the internet and social media and testing dozens of tools, I found TweetHunter to be the best AI tweet generator for social media managers or anyone looking to grow their Twitter profile on autopilot.

Our Pick
Tweet Hunter
$49 per month

Build and monetize your Twitter audience -- with AI Magic 🤖

  • Spending too much time on Twitter?
  • Not achieving desired results?
  • Feel like your time could be better spent?

Tweet Hunter helps you skyrocket your Twitter growth 🚀 .

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

What Is The Right Tweet Generator For You?

What Is The Right Tweet Generator For You

Picking the right AI tweet generator can make or break your Twitter game. It’s all about finding that sweet spot where the tweets hit just right with your followers, and your social media strategy works.

So, when you’re on the hunt for the perfect tweet machine, keep an eye out for:

  • How user-friendly it is

  • The quality of tweets it pumps out

  • Its scheduling savvy

  • The cool extra features, like analytics and cross-posting

Weigh these up, and you’ll snag theΒ top AI tweet generatorΒ that fits your needs like a glove.

Just a heads-up, though – all these tweet wizards come with their own bag of tricks, and prices can vary. Choose wisely!


In conclusion, AI tweet generators have revolutionized how we manage our Twitter accounts. With their ability to generate high-quality, engaging, original tweets, these tools can significantly boost your online presence and engagement.

Whether you’re looking for relevant hashtags, high-quality tweets, tone of voice, or regular automated tweets, there’s an AI tweet generator for you.

Remember, the key to being successful on Twitter is not just about regularly posting content but also about posting the right content – content that resonates with your audience and sparks engagement.

Good luck with your growing your Twitter account. Let us know on this Twitter feed how it’s going πŸ‘‰.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions about tweet generators.

An AI tweet generator uses artificial intelligence to create compelling and relevant tweets quickly. It saves time compared to manually writing tweets and improves engagement by keeping your Twitter feed full of fresh ideas.

Picking the right AI tweet generator is crucial. It affects the quality and impact of your automated tweets, engaging your audience and supporting your social media strategy.

When selecting an AI tweet generator, consider ease of use, content quality, customization options, and extra features like scheduling and monitoring. These factors will help you find the best fit for your needs.

The price of a high-quality AI tweet generator depends on its features. You can go for TweetHunter, starting at $49/month, or try Tweety AI, which is free.

Yes, AI tweet generators such as AtOnce and TweetHunter can support multiple languages, making it possible to create tweets in various languages for a diverse audience.

Going viral on Twitter (X) hinges on crafting share-worthy content that resonates with the audience. It’s about timing, relevance, and a dash of luck. While it is not easy to go viral on Twitter (X), the right AI tweet generators can increase your chances significantly.

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